Float Wine Display (2020)

Float wine racking is highly customizable to fit your collection requirements and aesthetic preferences. Each column consists of four high-tension cables and your selected number of bottles. Space bottles tightly to maximize capacity, or loosely for a display-oriented wine storage solution.


Face Bottles Neck or Label Forward:

Label Forward:    Neck Forward:  


Dimensions of the Float Wine Display System:Float Wine Glass

Height: Standard cables can extend up to 10 feet high. Longer cables can be ordered for taller ceilings.

Width: Label out displays should be spaced so that each column occupies a minimum of 13″. Neck out displays require a minimum column width of 7″.

Bottle Spacing: This is highly flexible but a minimum of 4″ will accommodate most standard 750ml bottles.

Bottle Sizes: The Float wine display system’s generously sized glass plates will comfortably accommodate most 750ml, Champagne and even 1.5 litre magnum bottles.


Structural Requirements:Float Wine Cables in Floor

Proper structural backing in the floor and ceiling is extremely important for proper installation of the Float wine display system.

A minimum 3/4″ plywood backing or similar is required. Please contact us for further advice on how to prepare for your Float wine racking installation.