Local Service

Dealers in some situations may offer their own warranties and/or repair service for cooling units. This is an option you may choose to follow. However, we must advise you that our manufacturers warranty is very specific about the repair or replacement. We cannot guarantee or warrant any repair or replacement done by independant service dealers. Any work or alterations to cooling units performed by other service companies will automatically void our warranty. Of course this does not in any way mean that you will not be satisfied with their work, only that we cannot guarantee their work.

If you feel your needs require immediate attention, any qualified HVAC technician could service your unit locally. We discourage this alternative for the following reasons:

1. It costs more! We have examined local service bills over a period of time and have found that they normally exceed the cost of purchasing a brand new replacement unit direct from our company. Typical bills for major service coil and/or compressor repair range from $200.00 - $400.00 and sometimes more 

2. The new environmentally friendly refrigerants are not as friendly to your unit. Major appliance companies generally refuse to repair sealed systems due to contamination issues (repairs don't last!). They replace the entire sealed system. Very often repairs are made in the field under less than ideal conditions and with portable equipment not suited for quality repairs. Even an oily finger mark on a copper tube can cause terminal problems with some of the new refrigerants.

3. Local service companies do not have quick access to parts. They must purchase them from us. This causes delays and adds excess cost to your service bill.

4. Local service voids the warranty as we cannot guarantee someone else's repair.