Winekoolr Cabinet Style Cooling Units

Support - Location and Installation


Winekoolr Cabinet Style Cooling Units


1. LOCATING YOUR WINE CELLAR - Remember, it is not only an appliance but also a piece of furniture

A. Provide 2 1/2” minimum clearance for both sides and back; and at least 4" at the top . Under no circumstances should the unit be “built-in” in any way. Units should be placed in a free standing location.

B. Never locate your wine cellar outdoors or in an area with extremes of temperature and humidity.

Garages, attics, unfinished basements, laundry rooms, breezeways, closets or any unventilated room. In other words these units must be installed in air-conditioned environments which do not “trap” the warm air being exhausted.

C. Temperatures in surrounding area must not exceed 80 °F (25 °C) with humidity levels not to exceed 70% R.H. (Relative Humidity). Use efficient and default (57ºF) settings when warm or humid.

D. Outlet power must be a DEDICATED separately fused, grounded, 15 Amp 110 - 120 V line.

E. You must monitor your unit DAILY. If unit is in “Alarm”, unplug the unit immediately. Always check for any water (condensate) leaks.

F. Place unit in a clean area and allow access to the exterior surfaces for periodic vacuuming of the condensor coil.

G. Never set your temperatures below default (57ºF) or use “Quiet” settings whenever ambient conditions are warm (above 75ºF) or humid (above 50%R.H.).

H. Do not operate unit on slow fan speed "QUIET" mode for the Tuscany 250 and 500 cellars.

I. Take steps to reduce ambient temperatures and compensate for additional heat gain if any cabinet walls receive direct sunlight. Your wine cellar is a piece of furniture, not a refrigerator. 

Your wine cellar must be located in an air-conditioned area of the house away from any heat source

J. Keep the door usage low, the cooling unit is not designed for COMMERCIAL USE.

Koolr Products Inc. will not be liable or responsible for incidental or consequential damages or damage to your wine. (See Warranty).

If you are missing your instruction manual please click MANUAL to download.