Float Glass Shelving Unit
Float Glass Shelving Unit
Float Glass Shelving Unit

Float Glass Shelving Unit

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Please note that this item currently has a longer lead time than standard Float wine racking items. Please expect your order to ship within 2 weeks. This production lead time is in addition to the shipping timeline.


Display liquor bottles, glassware or almost anything else with this Float glass shelving unit. It makes a show-stopping centerpiece when combined with Float wine racking.

This Float glass shelving unit is installed floor-to-ceiling with 4 high-tension steel architectural cables to match your Float wine display. Each glass shelf is affixed to the cables with 4 clamps matching the finish of the cables. 

Shelves measure 16" wide x 8" deep and are 5/16" thick with a beautiful polished edge. Choose from the light version with satin chrome hardware and clear glass or dark version with matte black hardware and grey glass to match the standard Float wine display kits and components.

Cables come in standard 12 foot lengths and can be cut down to fit any ceiling height under 12 feet. Choose the number of shelves best fitting your design and functional requirements.

SOLID STRUCTURAL BACKING IS REQUIRED for successful installation (3/4" plywood is recommended).

PLEASE NOTE: All Float racking steel cables and metal clips come with a two year warranty against corrosion and deterioration. This warranty presumes proper installation with sufficient backing. Improper installation can result in the failure of cables, subsequent glass shelving/wine bottle breakage and damage to flooring and surrounding materials. Damages due to improper installation are not covered under this warranty.

Photos of the cables/clips and installation must be included along with detailed quantities and pieces affected. Return of the damaged product may be requested. Replacement of the damaged product will be processed by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars as soon as possible with standard ground shipping included.

There is no warranty offered for the glass bottle support shelving given that breakage can be caused during installation where too much force is applied when tightening clips.

Please note that we strongly recommend purchasing extra glass bottle support shelves, to avoid having to place a separate order for replacement shelves.

This warranty is limited to replacement parts and does not cover related property or contents damage.