Float Wine Cables
Float Wine Cables
Float Wine Cables

Float Wine Cables

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Achieve maximum visual impact with the Float architectural wine display system. High tension cables and glass suspend bottles in air. Space bottles according to your preference and capacity requirements with this wine racking system.

Standard cables can extend up to 10 feet high. Longer cables can be ordered for taller ceilings.

4 Cables included

Please allow up to 2-4 weeks for delivery


SOLID STRUCTURAL BACKING IS REQUIRED for successful installation (3/4" plywood is recommended).

 SOLID STRUCTURAL BACKING IS REQUIRED for successful installation (3/4"



PLEASE NOTE: All Float racking steel cables and metal clips come with a two year warranty against corrosion and deterioration. This warranty presumes proper installation with sufficient backing. Improper installation can result in the failure of cables, subsequent glass shelving/wine bottle breakage and damage to flooring and surrounding materials. Damages due to improper installation are not covered under this warranty.

Photos of the cables/clips and installation must be included along with detailed quantities and pieces affected. Return of the damaged product may be requested. Replacement of the damaged product will be processed by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars as soon as possible with standard ground shipping included.

There is no warranty offered for the glass bottle support shelving given that breakage can be caused during installation where too much force is applied when tightening clips.

Please note that we strongly recommend purchasing extra glass bottle support shelves, to avoid having to place a separate order for replacement shelves.

This warranty is limited to replacement parts and does not cover related property or contents damage.